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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Mama's Little Helper

Brady came to get me yesterday and told me he had been helping me pack.
Good thing he showed me, because I never would have found these blankies!Apparently he had to do a bit of..unpacking, to have somewhere to pack my 3 couch pillows, 3 blankets, our Cowboys throw pillow, his bed pillow and don't forget his Cowboys bear.
I have also been reassuring him over and over this week that yes, everything is coming with us when we move. At first he told me he didn't like the houses we kept looking at, I asked why, and he replied, "because it doesn't have any of our stuff Mom." He is much more excited now that he knows our things are coming with.

We have an application pending on a house, and we should find out tomorrow or Tuesday. We have decided to go with this one if we get it. It isn't in our current ward (which stinks), but it is in a great neighborhood, on a sort of loop street, so no main traffic. And it is nice, but not TOO nice for our first home. We don't want to rent something nicer than what we end up buying down the road. I will post pictures if we get it. I don't want to jinx anything!


Anonymous said...

We forgot to go by so I could see it! Oh, well, next time. Good luck. I'm sure you'll meet nice new people in your new ward. And you won't be far from your old friends, either. Should be home sometime Tuesday. Love. Dad

Mindi said...

how exciting. i hope you get it. It is such a great change going from an apartment to a house. i will never be able to go back. Brady looks like he's a really big helper. I hate packing when we move, but I love unpacking once we get to the new place. I like to put things into their place, especially in a nice clean house. It's always fun to start fresh.

Jenna Shea said...

That's so cute, kids are funny!