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Friday, March 6, 2009

Oh brother(s).

When my Dad was here he took Natalie one afternoon so that I could come home and nap with Brady. While he had her, they watched Camp Rock (which yes, she has seen once before), anywho. Camp Rock just happened to be coming on again tonight, so I told her she could watch it.

She then proceeds to tell Keith that the best part of Camp Rock is the Jonas Brothers. Oh. my. goodness. Of course I ask her why and she shyly says, "I don't know" and hides under the covers.

Oh boy. I guess I kinda set myself up for that one.

And for the family, more on the visit soon. I promise full updates on the house hunt and Papa's visit to come this weekend, at least.


Julie said...

My boys and nephews love the Jonas Brothers, but not quite for the same reason. Good luck!

your wishcake. said...

Hahaha! I love it! She is getting so grown up. And so the boy infatuation begins...


Anonymous said...

Hey, at least she liked the boys. That's like a relief these days. Love. Dad

Shannon said...

Dad you are so weird!

Mrs. L said...

WAHAHAHA. Grins on Nat liking the Jonas Brothers, for Uncle for his comment and Shannon for saying he's weird! WHAHAHAHA. You guys crack me up.