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Sunday, March 15, 2009


The kids dragged Natalie's chair into their room and Keith went in there to see what they were doing. Natalie was pretending to cut Brady's hair and shave his legs. I had to see for myself of course and when I went in there to see the fun, I found Brady's lips slathered with sparkly lip gloss. The following conversation ensued.

"Natalie, you can't put sparkly lip gloss on Brady. He is a boy."

"But Mom, we are playing Salami."


"Yes Mom, we are playing Salami store."

P.S. Apparently they were getting Brady dressed up like a girl for Halloween. And so it begins.

P.P.S. Salami is Salon...in case you didn't get it!


Anonymous said...

Wait 'til she REAlly cuts his hair and shaves his legs. Oh, boy!

Danielle said...

Too funny! I will think of her the next time I go to the "salami".