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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Tongues and stuff

Wyatt's new favorite thing is sticking his tongue out. He does it all the time, and of course I think it's adorable. My favorite is when he sticks his tongue out and closes his mouth, though it's impossible to catch on film! The kid never stops moving!
He also crawls everywhere. He is fast, and tiny, which means I am afraid he will get lost! I picked up this, like new, pack and play to keep him contained every once in awhile when I need to get something accomplished and he would rather be trolling the house! It's worked out great thus far.
Natalie has been doing great at school and is really progressing in her dance skills. She has been working especially hard now that competition season is right around the corner. This year she is even going to have her own jazz solo! She will be competing in the last competition of the season, and also dancing in her spring recital. It makes me so proud that my baby girl will be dancing all by herself up on stage. She is turning into a beautiful and talented young lady!
Brady has been giving me a run for the money at school! He loves to play, problem is he doesn't always know when to stop playing and start listening. This has led to a few meetups with the VP at school. Luckily he is a cute kid, and he changes his behavior when told....most of the time. As far as academics, he is killing it! He started the year out barely being able to read and now he is in the most advanced reading group. He wants to read everything! He is trying to read every chapter book that Natalie reads, I am encouraging him to read all the "easy" books on our shelves before jumping into Harry Potter or something! I love that I have a reader on my hands. Now if only I could get him to work more on his penmanship!
Keith is in his {very} last semester of school. When he graduates in the spring he will have his Masters in tax law, and a few more letters after his name. Show off. But, seriously, I am so proud of all he does. Keith works 45-50 hours a week, plus school, plus helps out at home with whatever I just can't get to. He's the bees knees, and I try not to take him for granted!
Life is moving on, and moving fast. We are making it work every day, and loving it. It's hard work, but the good far outweighs the bad and as long as I get enough sleep I am able to appreciate it!

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