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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Today I...

...did stay home with the congested boy, until he woke from one of his many naps burning up. After discovering a 103.1 fever we darted to the pediatrician to discover an ear infection and a pretty nasty cold. Nothing a little bubblegum medicine and Tylenol and lots of rocking and cuddling can't cure.

...got almost all the laundry washed, most of it folded and some of it put away. Ah well, it'll be there tomorrow.

...sat on the couch, but nixed the TV. The baby wanted to be held, and he was a little loopy and delirious, which made for awesome entertainment. He is so silly!

...made that chicken, and it was good! Yum! Super easy, with things I always have. Love adding another staple dish to the repertoire!

*rocking my boy to sleep*aisles and aisles of pretty things at target (that store is so dangerous!)*another sleepy shot, playing with his bink and talking up a storm*


Simply Sarah *K* said...

I hope the boy is feeling better today :( I hate when they are sick!

Mindi said...

Aww, sickos are no fun, besides all of the extra loves and snuggles.