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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Today I am...

...stuck at home with a congested little baby. I feel so awful for him, but I do very much love that he will snuggle up and fall asleep in my arms when he is sick.

...tackling the Mt. Everest of laundry yet again. Didn't I just do this? Where do all these clothes come from??!

...listening to the birds sing to each other through the skylight. I think when I get older and have more time to kill I will take up bird watching. I would love to know what I am listening too!

...going to make Brady's birthday shirt. Six already! I can hardly believe it. I mean, seriously? How on earth is that guy almost six??!

...hopefully gonna catch up on some serious TV. Lots of good shows waiting on my DVR! TV and diet Dr. Pepper keep this mama sane, and maybe some chocolate for good measure.

...making a new recipe I found via Pinterest. Cream cheese, corn, salsa, black beans, seasonings and chicken thrown in the crock pot. Served over rice with salad on the side. Should be yummy!

What are you doing today?

*Daddy and Wyatt reading together*My smiling sunshine baby*Helping Mama get ready in the morning*Nat and Keith all dressed up for their Daddy-Daughter date at Chick fil-A*

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