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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I am a housewife

My life consists of doing endless piles of laundry. Folding itty bitty baby socks and ballet tights riddled with holes and runs and hundreds of pairs of tiny undies. I pick up soggy towels, stray crayons and Legos. I carefully craft meal plans and grocery lists. I dust and vacuum. I make beds and change sheets and sweep floors and wash dishes and cook meals. And sometimes I take a moment for myself and make a craft or watch some TV, or maybe even fall blissfully into a nap. And I do it every day. Day in and day out. And I love it.

Because I also get to kiss ouchies and put band aids on invisible cuts. I get to receive the most amazing bear hugs from the tiniest arms. I get to see the joy on my sons face when he wakes up on his birthday morning to cards full of well wishes and declarations of love. I get to watch my daughter dance in a way I never had the chance to do. I get to snuggle a squishy baby in a freshly laundered onesie and kiss his soft skin. I read bedtime stories and sing just one more song and pack special treats in school lunches. I foster the love of reading and creating masterpieces out of blocks or crayons. And so much more. So many small, but incredible things that I get to do each day. Day in and day out. And I love it.

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Mindi said...

I am right there with you:) I love being home with my kids, even with all of the responsibilities it entails. There is no greater calling in life.