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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Makes me happy

I am trying to participate in a fun little photo-a-day challenge on one of my favorite app called Instagram. Today I was supposed to take a picture of something that "makes me happy". If I could take a picture of today, I would. I had so much fun today I took 3 pictures total.

This morning Keith took the baby after his morning nurse (6:15) and let me sleep till 8 am, when he came in and told me he had made me breakfast! Sweet! Then Erin asked if I wanted to go garaging to hunt for a new dresser (does a bear poop in the woods?), of course I did! After a mild "incident" with Natalie resulting in her staying home to clean her room instead of coming with, Erin and I packed up the baby and headed out to search for treasures. All while Keith stayed home to rip out the bathroom (that's a whole different can of worms). Basically he's awesome.

Garaging was a bust, we only found one gaudy frame begging for spray paint, but it was freezing cold fun nonetheless. We then headed home to regroup, get Natalie off to dance, pick up a big burger and fries for the hard working Mr. Fix it, and nurse the baby. After all that we decided to hit the thrifts! Keith and Brady had moved on to some quality male bonding over Legos and electronics, so we were safe to scoot.

Of course, another bust. We came home with a few adorable Clinique free gift makeup bags and a few vintage kitchen things. But the thrill of the hunt is still fun! And Wyatt was making the happiest little companion. He is such a little ball of sunshine now that he is feeling better. (He is recovering from a fever and on antibiotics for and ear infection)

We then headed home to get Natalie all dolled up for her big date with daddy! Her school is throwing a Daddy Daughter dinner and dance tonight. And she couldn't be more excited! After they got out the door Brady and I sat down to enjoy some chinese take out. Yum! Today was full of things that make me happy. Life is so good, and I am grateful for days like this that help me remember that!

*ready for the daddy/daughter date*catching some zzz's at thrift town*tearing down the wall*

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