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Thursday, January 7, 2010

about some quilting

Or how I spent my winter vacation. I finished 2 and a half quilts before the kids went back to school on Monday. Of course the two were already quilt tops waiting to be made into blankets, but still, they are done! This green one I did from scratch starting Christmas break, it's for a friend and her new wee bundle of joy. The color is a little skewed in the pics because I took them in the morning dark light of winter, but I assure you. It's cute!

I love the pieced back! It's like two quilts in one. Plus it helps use up all the extra yardage I end up with since I never buy specific amounts.

I have had this purple quilt and back sewn for ages, and so finally I turned it into a blanket. I made this with no one specific in mind, I just fell in love with the material. It's the second quilt top I made since I really started up with sewing, and it kinda shows in the workmanship (meaning the squares don't all line up), but I think the material overshadows any imperfections. Plus it was made with love!

And I love the back! I used green thread to quilt it, so it's a very nice contrast, the pictures don't really do the color justice, the purple is much more deep.


Cheree said...

Beautiful!!!! I'm still practicing with coasters. :)

Sarah Smiles said...

Those are fantastic! You have such talent! Ü

Shannon said...

Thanks ladies!

Amber said...

They look amazing! Great job Shannon. And Im very impressed that you quilted them instead of tying.

Caroline said...

Beautiful quilts! Davy said they were pretty blankets, too. :)

Mrs. L said...

Shannon those are beautiful!

Rachel said...

My baby Kai would love the purple quilt if you want to give it to us as a baby gift! :) You've done a beautiful job on them! They are beautiful. You're so crafty and it inspires me or would if I knew what I was doing or how to do it. :)