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Thursday, January 28, 2010

about keeping it real

I realize that with all these projects I post that it must seem like I craft all the time, which I sort of do, but not every waking moment! I just have a few things going for me. Firstly my kids are old enough that they play on their own a lot of the time, of course if Brady comes out and says, "Mommy I want you to play with me" I drop everything and go. But I honestly don't like to interrupt him when he is being creative because then he looks to me to run the game, and I don't want to hamper his little ideas!

Secondly the house has a nice enough set up that I can start something, walk away to change laundry or make lunch or wipe a bum, and come right back to it. Though that leads to my house looking a little, shall we say, CRAZY, for most of the time. Especially when I am knee deep in a new quilt. I will admit, I LOVE a neat house. Too much clutter and I tend to go from 0-60 in terms of sanity. I took a few pics this morning to show what the house looks like when I am working. Please excuse the gloomy day lighting.

To the right: sewing maching pulled out so I can watch TV with Keith and sew at the same time after the kids are in bed, ironing board and iron pulled out for easy access (currently home to yesterdays's lego creations), folded quilt needing to be shipped, unfolded quilt leftover from snuggling, dishes left on the table from breakfast, toy remnants from last nights adventures strung about the room, and grocery bags needing to be folded and packed away. Oh, and don't forget three balloon pumps for Keith's Deacons to blow use to set up for the Valentine's dance.

To the left: My snuggle quilt waiting to be basted and sewn, fabric scrap basket pulled down and strewn about in the search for cute things to be made into fabric flowers and such, laundry basket of clean and ready to put away clothes, bag of a bajillion balloons awaiting the pumps, and multiple piles of fabric for various projects in the works.

In a word, a giant MESS! It only stays like this for a day or so before I go crazy and can't take it anymore. But this way there are no grand illusions of perfection over here. Sewing this much takes a toll on the house, but I am always sure to put down the fabric, step away and take care of business as needed. I think that's the most important part, and the fact that my kids go to be so dang early (have I mentioned that? I have? Ah well, it's because I love it so! Is that bad?).

Now excuse me while I go clean. Haha, no really. Must. clean. now.


Danielle said...

You're so funny. Thanks for the reality check. I still have little ones that would tip over the ironing board--makr forts with my extra material and pull the dishes off the table. (Because Bret's new favorite activity is to climb up on ANYTHING and create mayhem when I'm not looking.) Keep up the crafting. But, really I will send you my projects if you are ever bored.

Cheree said...

What mess? Looks great to me! :) I love your kitchen chairs. Did you paint them? I'm tempted to get those high kid-chairs. Does Brady stay in them? (Caedyn wiggles so much, I'm afraid she'd fall out of one.)

Shannon said...

Danielle-you totally should ;) I would love to help you out! And Speaking of Bret, everytime I walk by the fridge and look at your family picture his little face just makes me smile! You have such beatiful boys!!

Cheree we didn't paint any of our chairs, they are just that light wood color, and the high chairs are from IKEA and our kids love them. We haven't had an issue with them this far. I like them much better than the bulky booster seat we had before!

Mrs. L said...

In the big picture, the kids aren't going to remember that you didn't pick up the living room that day, they'll remember the quilt that they still use, the time you played with them or the smile you had while you did your crafting. Besides. It's just gonna get messed up again so why bother :)