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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

about some pictures

Right now I am sewing every free minute. It's fun, I have lots of projects lined up, and since I have decided to steer this blog in a different direction (more creativity and more kids, less randomness) here are a few pics from the last few days.

This is my stack of fabrics I just picked up for a quilt a long I am doing. It's for a special someone and I just know she will love it, I guess this is kind of a sneak peek for her!

Yesterday was so lovely, but I had so much laundry to do that I set the kids up outside with crafting supplies and a picnic blanket. It's nice that we live in a quiet neighborhood where I feel safe enough to let the kids outside without me. Of course the front door and window are wide open so I can see and hear them, but I think they like the sense of freedom to really be out there alone.

Last week while Keith was at work and scouts I put together this BIG quilt for him as a surprise. We each have our own special blankets on our bed and Keith has been sleeping with a fleece one that generates LOTS of static, especially in this cold weather. Needless to say it was time for a new blanket and I had gotten my hands on this awesome bright fabric and couldn't wait to put some of it to good use. I have officially decided I like to tie my quilts, they are so much more flimsy and cuddly when tied.

Luckily he loves it. The back is a super soft flannel. He has to be careful or I may steal it back, I really love this blanket!


Lori said...

Beautiful fabrics on the sneak peak! Hope whoever loves it!

Rachel said...

That's awesome. I wish I was more creative and had time to do stuff. I'm so jealous of you! The quilts are beautiful!

Shannon said...

Do you recognize those fabrics Lori? I went back and got a bit of the pinks to accent, and Keith really likes it, which makes me happy! I still have a TON of the blues left, can't wait to turn it into baby stuff!

And thank you Rachel!

Sarah Smiles said...

I love the direction your blog is going ;) you totally need to keep showing off your beautiful crafts! You really have an eye for color, so pretty!!

Danielle said...

Since you are so proficient at sewing--can I send you all my projects that have been pileing up for the last 3 years. I'm sure you would have them done in a week. Someday I guess. You are SUPER talented, and love those fat quarters--good matching colrs and patterns. Have fun!!!

Suzanne said...

What cute projects! I'm so impressed!!!

Lori said...

I thought those fabrics looked familiar, but we saw so much, I wasn't sure.