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Thursday, December 31, 2009

about some resolutions

1. Fall in love with my blog again. I have taken a break for far too long. Too many memories have not been documented, and it's time to start fresh. Beginning with regular posts and a nice new look...soon.

2. Try and live by my "word of the year". Savor. I want to really take in every little moment and not let any of them slip by without my notice. too often I find myself rushing to get to the next day, the next, the next. This year I want to slow down and savor every waking minute!

3. Fall in love with ME again. Lately I have been feeling increasingly happy with who I am, and I want to keep that trend going. I want to love the person I am, and though it takes work, it's worth it.

4. Keep up the crafting and thrifting mojo. It's something I love and I would love to see my talents flourish. So often I get in the mood for something and then grow tired and move onto the next project. This time I want it to stick!

5. Don't take anything for granted. Much easier said than done, but I feel it's so important to constantly be reminded of how blessed I am to know the people I do, have the family I have, and be in the place that I am!

Don't you just love a new year, and a fresh start? I do!


Mrs. L said...

Love your "goals" for the new year. Especially #2. Take each day as a wonder!

Danielle said...

I love goals and resolutions--it's like my yearly to-do list. #3 is awesome--it's so great for our children to see us happy wiht ourselves and enjoying our life--it gives them a great model for self-esteem later in life. I hope I can follow your lead and do #1--I feel like I am missing documenting things--since I'm not in scrapbook mode at this point in my life.

Rachel said...

Good resolutions. I'm still coming up with mine for my post. Good ideas from you though.