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Sunday, January 17, 2010

about Natalie

She's such a funny little girl I just had to share. Right now her neck hurts so she is walking around holding a tissue on it. Oh, and her two top front teeth are loose. Be prepared for some serious cuteness from her here in a week or so. I am already giddy with anticipation of what she is gonna look like!

Here she is all dressed for time warp day at school. No poodle skirt, but I still thought she was adorable.

All dressed up for mis-match day. It was fun to mix patterns, I think her clothes look pretty darn cute like this!

And for those who haven't seen it, here is her Kindergarten school picture. So perfectly Natalie! Haha!


Wishful Nals said...

so sweet!

Sarah Smiles said...

Yay for big pictures (and cute big pictures at that!) I actually thought of you when I saw that tutorial...the thought came to me "now Shannon can post her pictures in whatever order she wants!" lol. Random, I know!
Can't wait to see her teefs-less.

Anonymous said...

Very cute. Her mismatch outfit would fit right in here in Ashland. I think I saw a similar look on the street just now. Love. Papa

Danielle said...

She is such a cute girl!!!