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Thursday, January 14, 2010

about life and general randomness (and a very long post)

Right now life is good, very good, TOO good. You know that feeling you get when everything is going just swell, but you have a niggling sensation in the back of your mind that something craptastic is gonna happen soon? Well, I have that sensation, but so far I have been able to push it deep into my brain and not worry about it! Which makes for pretty smooth sailing.

I finally figured out the number one reason why I don't blog as much anymore. I don't like what blogger does to my pictures, when they upload they are all out of order and weird, and it takes so much time to get them the way I want them that I just skip it! I really need to start posting more, but I just love having illustrations!

Natalie taught herself how to tie her own shoes yesterday, her method is a little wackadoo, but it gets the job done. I am so proud of her, every day I ask her how her day at school was, and the other day she said, "they are all good days now Mom!" Whew! It took her a little longer than I hoped, but she has finally settled down into her new school, and made some good friends, and is learning so much it astounds me! It's funny when I look at her, I see a mini me. It's actually more scary than funny, but I have to remind myself to laugh at her rather than yell at her, and it makes life much more bearable.

Brady turns 4 in one month. I am seriously not ready for that. He will always be my baby, and though I need to treat him like a big boy more often, I think he knows that in my heart he will always be my baby boy. For the last 2 weeks he has woken up dry every morning. Of course this coincides with me purchasing some cloth diapers for him to wear to bed, so sadly they are unnecessary now, but I will just put them in my growing drawer of baby things and hope that one day I have another little bottom that needs them!

Yesterday the plan for the day was to lay around and be lazy. I asked Brady what he wanted to do and he said, "play some games, do some puzzles, have some cuddle time, watch a movie wif ya, and that's it!" Uh, yeah. I love that kid so much!

Oh, and the sewing. I am seriously running my own sweat shop over here! I am cranking out a quilt for my Step mom and have 5 more waiting in the wings. Not to mention skirts, coasters, and other odds and ends I want to try my hand on. It helps me that the kids go to bed so early, I am able to get a few solid hours of sewing done each night (if I don't sneak off to bed to watch Bones instead). Also since the kids love to color and craft I am able to find time during the day to be with them, but also creating! I do love that we are a crafting family.

I guess I should update about the big man too. Keith is working hard as normal, loving on his PS3, praying that the Cowboys will win the next game (and the next and the next!!), and taking care of us. We have really settled into a routine that has made it possible for us to have more time together and it has been really nice. Some of my most favorite times of the day are when I have dragged my sewing machine into the living room and I watch Keith play his game while we chat and I sew. Or we snuggle up and watch Bones (best. show. ever.). I have gotten to really rediscover why he became my best friend all those years ago, and it feels wonderful!

Wow, obviously I have a lot of pent up writing and blathering to do! This became much longer than I intended. And I really do want to start doing shorter more frequent posts. If I get the energy I may even post pictures later today!


Lori said...

Really, really excited about the step-mother quilt. Umm, it is quiltS, plural. Which enhances my excitement.
You do such beautiful work!

Shannon said...

Haha, yes it is quiltS plural, but I am really cranking out this zigzag one! The other is in line after a few "fun" projects, haha. It's a daunting task and I have to work up to it! Oh, and thank you for the compliment! I hope you love them both!