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Friday, May 15, 2009

Quality Time.

We have been doing lots of art in our house lately. This is the oldest piece. Natalie does lots of different things during quiet time while Brady and I nap. One day she asked to cut, and when I woke up wanted some paper to glue her pictures too. I found this cloud paper and gave her a glue stick and voila! I love this so much. She even cut out the letters for Dad.
She made me this one for Mother's day. Words can't explain how much I love that she came up with doing this on her own.
Here are our aforementioned egg carton caterpillars. Of course I didn't have any pipe cleaners, so they are more like worms, but the kids and I had fun painting these. Even if we had to use finger paints, so the colors aren't very vivid.
Lots and LOTS of water painting. It's easy, Brady can do it, and it cleans FAST. The front two are my favorite. Natalie is getting better and better at drawing and creating things. she does it all on her own.
And lastly, we picked up these little kits on major clearance at WalMart for these little puffball creations. They were just too adorable we had to try them out.

They look cuter on the picture, these were a LOT harder to make then I was hoping for. But the kids seemed to like it, and they like the animals too. Apparently they are "the cutest things (they've) ever seen!" (repeated multiple times).
It is hard to get motivated to do crafts with the kids, honestly sometimes I just want to sit and read, or veg out. But when I see how much they love it. It almost makes me want to do one every day. Almost.


Jenny said...

You're such a good mom! I'm more on the "almost" side myself (unfortunately)

Mrs. L said...

I love looking at the artwork my cousins do, feel free to post that all the time!