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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The current state of things

** The weather we have been having here for the last few weeks makes me happier than a clam (I think that is a good thing). It has been overcast, sunny, cool, warmish, rainy, breezy, stormy, everything under the sun except HOT. Which I hate. So it's all good. If only there was a state that was like this almost all of the time, oh wait, there is. Oregon. Remind me why I don't live there again?

** The kids have been...wait for it...sleeping in! Seriously, Brady slept in until almost 9 this morning. Having their own rooms has been a beautiful thing. Natalie wakes up around 7:45ish, but she knows to play in her room quietly until Mommy is awake (normally 8:30 or so is when I get my lazy butt out of bed). It doesn't always work beautifully like this, but more often than before. And I am a more rested (and happy) woman for it.

** I have an insatiable urge to bake. All. The. Time. Seriously, I have baked more in the last few weeks than any woman should. I am containing myself from going to make cupcakes right now. It's not that I want cupcakes (or even NEED them) it's that I just want to be in the kitchen baking them! What is wrong with me? I have made banana bread, brownies, cookies, soft pretzels, muffins...It's just not healthy, literally and figuratively. Seriously, not healthy for my figure!

** I think there is a person (or maybe a laundry gnome) living in my closet wearing our clothes, because the amount of laundry we have is out of control. I swear I clear out the baskets, washing every single piece, and a day later they are overflowing. What the heck? Does anyone else have strangers hiding in their house dirtying every available piece of clothing as soon as you turn your back?

** I hate our car. Seriously, we fix something, and 2 minutes later something else breaks, or another light comes on, or some new strange fluid is leaking out. Enough already Lola! Just stay fixed! Haven't we done enough?

** Keith works a lot. I know this is probably just the tip of the iceberg, but he has been leaving before the kids and I are even dreaming about being awake and getting to work at 6, sometimes before. And staying until 4 or later. Yes, that is a 10+ hour day. Every day. I think he needs to go golfing or fishing or hunting or SOMETHING. Because he has really been working hard. I am proud of him though, he knows we need the bigger paychecks to get caught up in life. But whew! Just thinking about it makes me tired!


Anonymous said...

Sound like you are enjoying yourself. Good!! You guys worked hard and made it through. But, yes, welcome to the real world of the practice of law. Long days, high stress. See you soon. Love. Dad

Missy said...

I can name to guys who'd love an excuse to go golfing (ahem John and Bryce). By the way, I have your picture disc ready!

Jenny said...

I think that gnome visits my house too. And I'll eat all your left over baking for you! (aren't I a good friend?) ;)

Shannon said...

Oooo, I would love to make you some cupcakes! Does that mean you are going to come visit? ;) no, seriously...come visit. :D

Danielle said...

Wow! That whole sleeping in thing must be nice. But it wouldn't matter anyways since I have to be at the gym by 5:30 am for a class. (I'm tired just thinking about it.)

How funny is it that I would much rather be in a nice HOT place, and you would rather be here. Wish we could trade. I'm tired of the dismal weather.

** And you think your laundry gnome is busy now--just wait and see what happens if you have a 3rd child. IT's like the laundry quadruples.

Baking is fun--but I avoid it unless all the baked goods can leave my home--otherwise I would "pick" at them until everything was gone.

Yikes that was a long comment.

Mrs. L said...

I think you're baking more because you are "nesting" in your new house! Nothing wrong with that except that you aren't near me to bake for!