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Thursday, May 7, 2009

For a dollar

Brady and I got to take a walk, meet some neighbors, and hit up his first ever garage sales. We kinda got lucky as there were two going on right down the street. Score! No good material or anything, but we did get a few good thrifting finds.

Two tiny, fairy green plates that are just screaming for a tea party (and maybe a cupcake or two...) and some retro books. Brady just had. to. have. the red one. It's called Jet's Choice...no clue what it is about! But, it was 25 cents and I said he could pick out any treasure he wanted, better than the Styrofoam pumpkin he had his eye on at the first house.
The second book is my favorite! It's an old text book from the 50's and I love the illustrations, the cover, the whole thing. I think it may even have some great stories in it!
I think I may have to start garage sale hopping more often!


Mrs. L said...

Those plates would look AWESOME with cute little cupcakes on them! And I love getting old books from garage sales. I'm headed to the local college flea market in June to check out old linens and cookbooks.

Jenny said...

I love me some garage sales!

Julie said...

What cute plates!