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Saturday, May 3, 2008

What's up...

...with me? I realized I really haven't been blogging much more than sharing pictures and such. No funny stories or witty words. I just don't have it in me! Lately I have been really focused on enhancing my talents. For the longest time I have felt that I really don't have any obvious talents. So I have decided to start sewing again, and so far it has been successful. I just need some more projects. I have one in the works that I will show once it is done.

Another thing that has been on my mind (and has been on and off since the invention of the digital camera) is the fact that I am such a slacker at printing out photos. We honestly have not truly printed photos since Natalie's first Christmas. We have done small batches here and there, but our photo albums are nowhere near complete. This literally makes me ill. I get to where I can't sleep at night because I get in such a fret about the fact that so much of our kids childhood (basically ALL of Brady's) is locked up on that dang slow computer in the bedroom! So I am changing that! I am bound and determined to start digital scrapping all my photos. I will start from the very first photos we ever took and go from there. I know that once I put my mind (and tons of time) to it I can, and will, get caught up! Luckily Keith has also agreed to let me print the pages that I will eventually be creating, because knowing me I would create them and they would just sit there on the computer, but now in a prettier form! So I am all set, got my external hard drive, got my Photoshop Elements, got me some teachers to get me started (as soon as I have a free night!), and got me some ambition! Hopefully I will be sharing lots and lots and lots of pages that I do, because that means progress. And for my minds sake I need progress where it comes to these pictures!

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Jenny said...

It's gonna be awesome! And there are some great sites that will print out your pages in a coffee-table book form if you want. (i know i do!)