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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Feeling sentimental today...

We had our family photo shoot with Missy (see her stuff HERE and HERE) and I am really excited about how I think they will turn out. Natalie, of course, acted like a total drama queen (I wouldn't expect anything else!), and Brady wouldn't smile until we gave him a starburst which made him smile a little. I know Missy took a bunch, and I am sure she got some fabulous shots. Spending time with them this today made me appreciate how much I love them. I heard this song while blog hopping and it just touched me. What would I do with out my husband and my children? I have no idea, they are everything to me. And no one will ever love my kids the way I do.

*UPDATE* Missy has posted a preview of the shoot on her photo blog (HERE). So awesome! And yes, I do love my monkeys feet, they are so small and chubby, and I know one day they will be big and stinky. So I love me some baby toes! (grown up ones not so much!)


Missy said...

Your sneak peek is up on my photo blog! ;)

Mubeen said...

Very cute pictures of you all!

Mindi said...

Your pictures are so good. We haven't done a family pic since last easter, i think we're due.