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Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Keith took his last final of the semester today! We are all abuzz at the beginning of a busy week, and a busier summer. Keith is done with school until the fall and is now working full time as a law clerk. This summer should prove to be trying and fun. With Keith working 40+ hours a week and me basically working full time every other week it will be hectic, but we are looking forward to the challenge and looking forward to our last "care free" summer as a family with a college student. I can't believe that all these years of schooling are so close to coming to an end. It leaves me nervous and excited for the next year, and a bit apprehensive about stepping into the "real" world. But for now we are just going to take each of these summer days and try to enjoy them as much as we can. And we are starting by going on a camping trip this weekend! Should be fun, and hopefully I will get some great pictures to share!


SarahK said...

Good job Keith!!! Yay for school being over very soon!!

Julie said...

Yay for the end of the semester!

Lindsay said...

Is Keith in law school?
Or still doing his undergrad?
Congrats on being done for the semester!
Not so much fun on all the working.
But it's ya'lls last SUMMER BREAK!
Enjoy it!

Danielle said...

hope you all have a great summer!