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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Preschool Finale

I give UP! I have been trying for a week to upload the video from Natalie's preschool program and graduation but it just WON'T work! So here are a few shots of her program. They sang a ton of cute songs including going to the zoo, and the counting song she has been singing (one of the blasted videos). It was really, truly adorable and we are so proud of her for all she has learned. She is becoming such a wonderful young girl and it is so fun to see her grow up! She actually got to participate in the little graduation ceremony even though she will be in the same class next year, I guess it was good practice!We're going to the zoo, zoo, zoo!Oh my gosh! This was the funniest Rockin' ABC song and Natalie sang the whole thing just like this, arms crossed and everything. It cracked me up. She was just too cool in her heart sunglasses.All lined up.My camera wasn't taking pictures very well, I just didn't have the settings right, and Auto wasn't doing it for me. Oh well, you live and learn! Here she is marching in.


Mindi said...

What a sweet heart.

Julie said...

Congratulations to the graduate!