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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

New Favorite

I LOVE to blare this one when it comes on the radio. Love, love, love this song! I couldn't get the actual music video, but this is when she performed on American Idol. I must not be crazy, because when I was watching this episode a few weeks ago, the song was good enough to draw Keith out of the bedroom and he watched that part with me. Enjoy!


SarahK said...

Good song :).

Mubeen said...

I LOVE her! It's the main song on my blog. I first heard about her when she was on Oprah and I just absolutely fell in love with her voice!

Melanie Kym said...

Oh man. I am so with ya. Faith and I blare this song too. It's cute cuz she goes to preschool singing, "keep bleeding, keep, keep bleeding, love." Love it!!!!

Julie said...

Love this song!

saucysosville said...

I love, love, love the song too!!!