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Monday, May 26, 2008

Take a minute...

...to remember our Veterans today. I have always liked Memorial Day. When I was a kid it was all about the family camping trip, the parade, the festivals, the boat racing, all the fun things that took place in my home town of Grants Pass. Then as I got older I realized that it was about more than that. About remembering those who have gone before, those that serve now, and those that will serve in the future. I have always considered myself a patriotic person. I always feel a sense of pride when the Flag is introduced, and I love hearing the National Anthem every time it plays. I know what those things stand for, and it means a lot. I think a lot of people don't and that is sad to me. Today Natalie and I got our Poppies, and today for some reason it brought me to tears. I remember having poppies as a child that my Grandma had helped make. They used to be hand made from tissue paper (now they are still hand made, but not the same, at least to me) and I had a bunch that I kept as I collected more every year. They have always reminded me of my Grandparents, and they always will. Check out the story behind the Poppy HERE.


Anonymous said...

Although I never met him, it always reminds me of your Grandfather and his amazing sacrifice and story of survival - which makes me cry on Memorial Day. Then I remember your Grandmother sitting in the kitchen telling us how they reunited after the War and I smile again.

Jenny said...

"Flanders Field" (from your link) is one of my most favorite poems of all time. It really brings it all home to me.

Mrs. L said...

Now you and Lori have made me cry! I too, remember Grandma and Grandpa and those poppies and think of the two of them whenever I see real or handmade poppies. Our Grandparents were special people and I wish they were still here to see how wonderful you and your sister have turned out (not to mention the great grandkids!)