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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Pool Party!

It is time. Summer has officially arrived and with it the fun of a good pool party! My very good friend Sarah has a gorgeous pool that she has been working hard on all winter long to get it ready for summer time, and she succeeded. The pool and backyard look absolutely fantastic. You can find more pictures of her yard in progress over HERE, she is a serious inspiration to me! Anywhos, we are so glad she invited us over, and we had a blast playing with all the kids and enjoying being outside without being HOT.

Natalie took right to the water, with one minor scare for her(she jumped in and her head bobbed under the water) and after a bit of convincing that "Yay! She did it!" She was fine, and just paddled all over that pool with her little ring, and that was all! A little scary for me to let her go, but there were so many other mommies that I knew she would be fine!
Natalie was so excited to play with Bella, we had missed her awhile back at a possible gathering and she has been talking about it forever. The girls are starting to actually PLAY together more, and I love that!Bella, Brady and I on the hunt for "BUGS! AHH!" So funny, that girl was cracking me up!We also had some good food. And the best part was the watermelon! We never buy it because Natalie and I don't like it, and it always seems to go bad. But I gave Brady a little piece to start out with, and he chowed down! Kid loves him some watermelon, I fed him one more piece that was just EXPLODING with juice and then I had to convince him all gone to get him to agree to go and play! He would have eaten that whole thing I think!


Mindi said...

That looks like so much fun, I wish we had access to a real pool, the little ones nice for cooling off, but it'd be fun to actually swim. I miss you guys, call me soon k

Kelli said...

I"m glad ya'll had fun, and I'm sorry I missed it. And how can you not like watermelon?!

Erin said...

i love the fun swimming pictures!! i went swimming last friday and got so incredibly burnt. and now i am a pealing machine. yuck! and its on my back so there is nothing i can do about it. :( but i got some color si its ok. love you guys!!!