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Sunday, October 4, 2009


My new favorite thing to do is "garaging" as the kids call it, or shopping the garage sales. It started a few months back and we have great weeks and OK weeks. I have a weekend allowance of 10 bucks, and then I get to add to that if I win our weekly Bowers Bowl pot of $10 (and since I am pretty good, the last few weekends have left me with $20 to spend on good finds). Just this week I found probably the best deal so far, this little dresser for Natalie's room for only 5 bucks. I don't even need to paint it or change the nobs. All it needed was a little wipe down and it was ready to go.

So far I have collected a lovely plethora of vintage sheets (for quilt backs) and most of them came from one sale where I picked them up for 10 cents a piece, I have gotten multiple pieces of vintage Pyrex bake ware that sells for 10-15 dollars a piece on ETSY, and haven't spent more than $2 a piece. The kids have significantly increased their collection of small stuffies, never more than 50 cents a piece, and the best haul was a HUGE lot of mini Lego's (with Star Wars pieces!!) worth at least 60 dollars at Target for only $10. I actually got the Lego's this weekend, and I was both happy and sad. Happy I got such a steal, but sad because my hunting came to a close and it was only 8:30 in the morning! Haha.

Needless to say I am VERY addicted. Keith wonders how long it will take for this phase to pass, but I am having too much fun! It's all about the thrill of the hunt. I get literally giddy when I find a "treasure" that I have been searching for or hoping for. Like a vintage nut grinder for only 50 cents (woot!) or a "Texas Trike" for Brady that actually fits his long legs for less that 25% what it would have cost new.

Do any of you go garaging? Found any good deals lately? If not, I encourage you to try it out, one good find and you will be hooked!


Danielle said...

I wish I had your passion. I just went to go clean out some boxes in my parents attic and found so much stuff that would make a great garage sale, but I have no time to organize and do it. I wish you were here to help guide me. Good luck next week.

Shannon said...

It has become my me time, I just love it! And I am scared to throw them, I am too soft when it comes to hagglers, haha. It took us about 4 months to actually have one here, it was annoying, but it was nice to get that money!

Julie said...

Every time you talk (or write) about finding great stuff at garage sales I think to myself "I want to do that!" But I haven't yet. Maybe someday! You find really great stuff!!

Mrs. L said...

Uh, garaging around here is going through all the boxes in my garage or through moms boxes in her storage. We're finding all sorts of things we haven't seen in years!

Shannon said...

I know! I wish I could come and search through with you! It's so much better when it belonged to family...send any old pyrex my way ;) I can't WAIT to get the quilt stuff.