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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Facebook Friday (on Saturday...aka Sunday morning)

I saw this on another blog and thought it was cute (plus it counts as a post). For those of you that don't know facebook allows you to update your "status" as many times as you want. It's just a small little blurb about what is going on in your life right then. Here are some of my memorable moments from the past week.

Shannon Deveny Bowers....

...Operation Straighten Up has just commenced at the Bowers household. This place is a disaster area! (Which is funny b/c it never actually happened...we got sidetracked with a million other things!)

...wants sushi, really bad. (and I got some!)

...LOVED the Arlington Farmer's Market. There is just something so great about meeting the people that grew (or baked) the food you bought. (Took Brady to something that will become our new Friday norm. We bought too many sweets and some beautiful produce. Very fun)

...Happy 32nd Birthday to my sister, Sarah! (miss her)

...it's the beginning of the end. (speaking of my last shift at work. Yes!)

...loves that Natalie prays for her Grandpa Wayne every time she says one.

...resisting the urge to curl up and nap till next week.

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