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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Chores I hate...

...especially when I have to do them all by myself.

1. The dishes. I have been spoiled these past few years having this be Keith's major chore. I am so ready for him to get back and resume his duty!

2. Dusting. Waste. of. time. For reals, who cares if my house is dusty, I sure as heck don't!

3. Sweeping. Yes, I see you ginourmous dust bunnies lining my halls, and yes I can ignore you for days on end. So what if I scare myself at least once a day thinking that stray crayon wrapper or hairball is a giant bug waiting to eat my face off. It isn't a bug, and that's all that matters.

4. Toilets. Ew.

5. Showers/tubs. Seriously, I wish those self cleaning shower things actually worked, because I would buy one in a heartbeat. This is that chore that you could do for an hour and it STILL isn't as clean as you want it to be. I HATE tile in a shower. Grout is my worst nightmare.

6. Putting away laundry. Why is this so hard? I don't know! But it is!

There are a few chores I don't hate (vacuuming, washing and folding laundry, picking up clutter) and when you put those together my house often looks a lot cleaner than it actually is. If I only had a maid to do the rest!


Kristy said...

Here, here! Or is it hear, hear! Anyway, I would like a maid too! I am with you on that list btw!

Jenny said...

word. to everything you just said. except that i would switch out sweeping with vacuuming.

Ashley said...

2, 3 and 5 are my forever enemies. I LOATHE folding clothes, especially socks. I can do dishes and put away clothes all the live long day, but I hate sweeping, dusting, and the nasty shower...

Shannon said...

Ha! It sounds like we need to do a chore swap!

cassandra said...

1. I really hate folding/putting away too. It's the worst.

2. I think you can hire a person to do chores for not-that-much money. Esp if you were prepared with a list. For example: have someone come 1x/month for 2 hours to dust, clean your shower and sweep. It wouldn't be too pricey. You could probably check your yellow pages. And the housekeepers have probably seen a LOT worse. They'd probably relish a somewhat clean house that's a relatively light job. Everyone wins :)

haleyhorrocks said...

I hate shower tile, too. Basically I want a spigot in the backyard that has warm water. Who wouldn't love a shower outside every day? I also hate dusting, and cleaning the oven (why does this EVER get done? Pointless.)and cleaning the fridge. Along with what you already said. Do I just hate cleaning, then, if I hate everything?

Shannon said...

Cassie, I think it will be a cold day in you know where before Keith lets me get a maid! haha, before I let MYSELF get a maid!

And Haley, for some reason that reminded me of the time you shaved your legs in the cold water at girls camp...remember that?! Haha, good times. And yes, I pretty much hate cleaning too!

Jennifer said...

The hardest chore for me is staring laundry. Oh my gosh I hate doing that. I mean I have to be grateful that In here I don't have to carry buckets of water and spend the Whole day doing my laundry in the backyard at my parents house and later putting the clothes on wire line so the sun will dry them. It was hard but I still hate it.
I got a maid once. It was expensive, I can't afford it here.

Julie said...

It's hard for me to get motivated, too. Especially when Josh is gone. My house is a lot cleaner when he's home.

your wishcake. said...

Confession: I've attempted to clean the shower only twice in the last six months. I KNOW, I AM DISGUSTING. But it is the bane of my existense, for realsies. It never LOOKS that bad, though, so that's how I make myself feel better...when we moved into the duplex, the shower/tub wasn't new, so it already had discoloration and stuff, so even when I clean it it never looks clean.

Therefore, I just don't clean it. Because I get pissed off if I spend all the time cleaning and it makes no difference. Heehee.

And I hear you with the dusting, too! I dust, and the next day it's dusty again. I'm totally OCD about it, though, and can't stand it if something has a layer of dust.