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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Picture Update: Christmas Edition

*Warning* Many, many, many pictures of my kids ahead!

Here they are the narrowed down version of our Christmas morning in pictures. Keith was the photographer, so of course he took a million. The kids had a lot of fun opening their gifts and everything was a hit. The only thing I realized is that poor Brady got all cars! That is all we got him! So needless to say I gave in and returned some and as soon as Target restocks their shelves with all the NEW! and IMPROVED! toys for after Christmas I will go and find him some other boyish type of toys to try and expand his horizons. I am realizing boys are sooo hard to shop for! Young and old!

And so it begins: with playdoh and puzzles.

Brady loves his build-a-bear! Dora Dominoes!Yay for sewing books! I actually surprised him with a Garth Brooks Ultimate Hits CD.The aftermath.Pretty new twirly skirt and matching purse from Grandma Lorraine. Tea for two!


Aunt Ruth said...

What adorable pictures. I am having fun with my bear trying to remember to turn the block numbers each morning! Looks like you guys had a great time. Maybe someday we can all have Xmas together.

Ashley said...

What sweet pictures! Looks like ya'll had a great Christmas. Hunter has that same Dallas Cowboy outfit on his Build A Bear.