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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christmas Tag!

Another tag, this one is for 12 things that get me in the "Christmas Spirit". Lets see how easy/hard this will be!

1. Decorations in every room of the house.
2. Singing Christmas songs at church.
3. Snow on the ground.
4. Picking out presents for everyone I can afford to buy for-read: shopping!!! (I was sad because this year we really only did our kids)
5.Seeing the Luke Christmas story everywhere, and hearing passages from it all month long.
6. Super fun, extravagant treats and sweets at gatherings
7. Christmas lights! Best thing ever!
8. Home Alone-"Rockin' around the Christmas tree..."
9. The smell of wood burning fireplaces.
10. A perpetual soundtrack of Christmas songs in the background of every day life at home.
11. Peppermint (Candy canes make good hot cocoa stirrers!)
12. Getting to spend time with family , no matter how many of us are together it is always nice!

I tag: Danielle, Missy, Mindi and Julie G


Julie said...

Love the list! I'm off to do mine now. :)

Ashley said...

I loooove to use a peppermint stick to stir my hot cocoa! I now have a new addiction. Starbucks peppermint hot cocoa, yum!

Shannon said...

Oooo, that sounds yummy! I used to always get the "Almond Joy" cocoa, with coconut and almond flavoring, that is good too. I will for sure have to try peppermint cocoa from starbucks! Yummy!