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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Going Private

OK, so I have decided that I do want to make my blog private. That means I need your email addresses. I turned on comment moderation (thanks Julie!) so if everyone that reads will leave their email address in a comment (which will NOT show up on my blog) I can invite you. I will leave my blog open for a few days so I make sure I have everyone, you know all 9 of you. And if there are any friends or family lurking please, please comment me your address! I would love for as many people to be able to read as possible.

Oh, and for those of you not registered users, all you have to do is send me your email address, and when you "join" my blog you make up a password, and just have to log in every time you read. Should be fine!


Shannon said...

I wanted to post this good comment from Kelli, but I had to edit out her email. So here it is, something to think about:

"I was just reading some articles online about blog safety, and I really think I am going private, too. While it's fun for people to find me, and I would love to be able to make $ doing it and be popular (wishful thinking) it's not worth the possiblity of someone finding me and hurting my family. Slim chance though it may be, better to be safe than sorry. You talked about promptings, and that struck me, because I feel I've been prompted lately, too."

Shannon said...

OH, and just to let you know, I am geting your email address, just not posting them, for obvious reasons! :)

Aunt Ruth said...

Shannon, you already have my e-mail address. Do I still need to give it to you?

Shannon said...

yes, just in case i don't have the right one go ahead and give it to me here. that goes for everyone :)

Ashley said...

So how does it work? if I am logged into my own blogger account do i need to log in to read yours? Like when you do a blog post and read someone else's and go to comment it already recognizes you? Since you are already logged in? Just curious

Shannon said...

yeah, if you are logged in to blogger already you will not have to do anything to get to my blog, b/c it will recognize you. I will send out an "invite" to all teh email addresses I got and then those emails will be "approved" to read my blog. Like if you dont have a blogger but you have yahoo or hotmail, you just sign in like you are doing email withthe same password and it lets you in...i think! :)