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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Turning seven

Tonight is picture dump day! Here are some pictures from Natalie's special day (way back in March!!)

A special breakfast! We had just had Shipley's for Brady so we decided on cinnamon rolls and cuties. Look at her with that long hair! And her new birthday headband (which is lost now...). Love that girl!
 Opening presents that night in her Mama made birthday shirt! She was so excited, and everyone pitched in to get her some fun gifts!
 "Girly" Legos just for her! And Brady got her sparkly nail polish.
This girl sure gives me a run for my money, but I couldn't imagine my life without her. She is my heart and soul and pretty much a mini (cuter) version of myself. I love my sassafras girl. A few things about her that March:

* She was gearing up to compete in her very first dance competitions, she put a lot of work into her dance and it showed. She has the drive to be good, and it's fun to see her find something that she loves to do.
* She loves to sing (to Taylor Swift) and write songs. If I let her have the iPod all day long, she would listen to it all. day. long. She loves her music!
* She is very bright, she ended the year with straight A's and she was very consistent all year. She makes her Mama and Daddy very proud!
* She couldn't have been more excited to get ready for baby Wyatt to make his appearance, and to move into our new house!

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