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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Picture dump...

Natalie with her 1st Grade teacher, Mrs. Cook, on the last day of school. (6/3)

Sanaa, Emma, and Natalie at the last day of school.
Brady at his first T Ball game! So cute! (6/4)
He is such a big boy!
Wyatt's blessing day! (6/5)
Natalie at her Girl Scout camp.
Family dessert surprise! We had been watching a lot of Man v. Food and the kids really wanted to do a challenge so we made this monster cookie sundae. Told them to close their eyes....and....
They couldn't believe it! And we had so much fun eating ALMOST all of it!
Way late, but finally took pictures of Wyatt in his blessing outfit. He looks so dapper! (6/26)
The kids wanted to have their pictures taken too. Posers!

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Mrs. L said...

I wanna do a Man's Vs Food challenge! We actually bought the 5 foot long burrito from several years ago from a place here...took us three days to eat it and we even gave some to MOM LOL. I think I need to do a "Chopped" challenge (but with not so far out there ingredients!)