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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

On my trip to crazy town

Pretty sure I am going crazy in my old age. I am completely touched out, except it isn't people, it's things. Misplaced things. Things that are in my way or under my feet, but shouldn't be. When these things (ie. a sock, or a stray bathing suit, or any manner of toy) touch me or I step on them, it's enough to send me around the bend. This even happens when my clothes are too baggy (sweats and dresses)! My body literally cringes and I want to hit something. This can't be good. My solution is that I am constantly picking these things up, but then I am still having to touch them, and then I cringe! Ack! It's a deadly cycle. My only solution is that the children pick up their own things. Maybe I need a maid to help cure my craziness? Think Keith would go for that? Doubt it.

Oh and my ears are...listened out? Is that a thing? It should be. If someone talks too loud or too close to my ears it feels like an icepick down to my ear drum. Literally painful. Wyatt and I have lots of quiet time at home. I feel badly because I don't talk to him too much, I like to think we talk with our eyes. It's nice and quiet and everyone is happy, especially my (crazy) ears.

Told you. Cuckoo!


Danielle said...

Definitely some sensory issues. :)

We'll all be joining you in Crazy Town soon though. Hang in there.

Simply Sarah *K* said...

Crazy Town is getting kinda crowded....we might have to all start congregating in Lostitville. :\

Your blogger template is absolutely gorgeous, yo!! GOR.GE.OUS.

Mrs. L said...

Me thinks you need a vacation. Or maybe a nice massage! Some "alone time"??

patience said...

oh my gosh, for a moment there i thought you had fibromyalgia or something! i think you just need some time to rest in a nice clean area though... :)