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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A checkup

Today was Wyatt's four month check up (can you believe it??!). It went as well as can be expected. He has a bit of a sniffle and is congested, but Dr. Bishop said all will be well, as long as I watch for warning signs of something more serious. He had to get shots and since he was already down in the dumps the shots didn't go over well. He cried so durn pathetically I thought my heart was gonna break. I had the big kids with me too and they hated that he was sad!

As we were leaving the nurse let the big kids pick out a sticker (they were SO good for me) and after digging through the bucket full of transformer stickers and Spiderman stickers Brady picked out a big needle that says "I was Brave" for Wyatt. Kill me with sweetness why dontcha! That boy is constantly thinking of others, well, when he isn't crying or rolling his eyes at me!

I love my kids! Oh, and Wyatt's stats today were 25" long (25-50th percentile) and 14.1 lbs (25th percentile). She said he is growing great and to keep doing what I am doing! By the next appointment he will be trying solids! Eeek!


Danielle said...

did you change your blog? i don't know that i've looked at the actual blog in awhile, but it looks GREAT!!!

wow, that's a crazy realization that by the next appointment he'll be on solids! geez. going too fast!!!

Shannon said...

I did change it! I just did it yesterday...I wish I could get the header part smaller, but what can ya do?

And yes, time is FLYING by...I don't like it one bit!