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Thursday, March 3, 2011


1. I think I am slowly losing my mind. You know when you go to the grocery store and you think, "do we have any of this at home?" and you hem and haw until you buy it, and you get home and low and behold, you DID have some of it at home? I keep doing that with tortillas. I think I have about 50 tortillas in my fridge. Seriously. We also have far too many cans of diced green chilis, but at least those aren't gonna spoil on me!

2. Natalie is currently in her room listening and singing along to Taylor Swift. Granted it's not the newest CD, full of songs about her current and past relationships, but still. Hold me.

3. Brady told me he is WAY more excited about Wyatt than the new house. I agreed with him. I can't believe we've only got 6 or so weeks left. And between now and then the amount of work that needs to get done is insane. I try not to think about it. I know it will get done though. I am pretty great when I procrastinate.

4. My girlfriends and I have been on this amazing crafty kick. It's certainly fun and keeps my mind engaged. I feel like if I don't do something where I have to think on some level or another I start to get blue. It's hard to fill blue when you are in a house full of amazing women and adorable kids. I wonder what our next project will be...

5. Danielle and Karen threw me my first ever baby shower last week. I about died. They did so so much, and I loved every bit of it. D wrote up a whole post here, aaand since I am too lazy to steal the pics you can go there to check it out. I can't believe I never had a shower with the big kids. Makes me sad. I think I may be getting another one for Wyatt though (spoiled? yes!), so then I will consider myself properly baby showered!

6. This house thing is like, really happening. IN. SANE. I drove by today and I saw that they had started fixing some of our requests (putting the storm windows and screens back on) and it's super exciting. Packing is going, slowly, but going. I am kind of an expert at it by this stage in my life. I have moved far more times than any person ever should.

7. Peanut Butter and Dill Pickle Sandwiches. Seriously. These are my new best friend. It's not even a pregnancy craving thing, they are just good. It's like the ultimate in salty/sweet combo and you MUST try it. At least once. Get your favorite bread, thinish layer of PB on both sides, and then a few slices of dill pickle in the middle. I get the pre-sliced pickles and it takes 3. Oh my goodness. It's so fun, and so good, AND GD approved! Yay!

8. I have started packing my hospital bag. Too early, probably. But, I don't want anything that I may need in the hospital to get packed and then not unpacked in time. Plus I found a cute bag at a recent trip to Sam Moon with Sarah, and I couldn't just let it sit there empty! Any tips on what I should take? I don't want to forget anything! So far I have a potential first outfit, a bunch of teeny socks, my little toiletry kit for Wyatt, the first blankie I bought him, and I think that's it. I need to get some cute slippers or socks for me, regular clothes will go in right before we leave. But what else do I take for baby?


Julie {isCocoandCocoa} said...

1. I love tortillas. I eat them all the time and never have enough in the house.

5. I really hope you have another shower!!

8. I brought way too much stuff for Jamie but forgot lots, too. Hmm, nursing stuff/formula (depending on your choice and where you have him) and a pacifier? Maybe a cute hat :)

Shannon said...

Oh! Hats, nursing pads, binkie. Added to the list! Great ideas!

And we go through so many tortillas, my new favorite brand is Tia Rosa. So soft and yummy!

Aaaand I have it on good auhority that Miss Sarah is throwing me another shower ;)

Margaret said...

I do the same thing at the store sometimes or I make a list and forget to look at it. Thankfully one of my boys is usually at home so I can call and ask them to check the pantry. We go through green chilies and tortillas here too! Love enchiladas!

haleyhorrocks said...

For Wyatt: about two more outfits, because you know he'll blow out about five times while you're trying to leave. I only brought two outfits and a onesie for Ian, and he went home naked! Good thing we were in Baltimore at the beginning of August.

For you: lotion and chapstic, and lanolin. Oh, and don't forget your nursing bras.

Anonymous said...

i love reading all of this. as for number 8, i know i dont have kids yet and havent experienced all of this, but i know i would want some chapstick. i think i have a chapstick in ever coat, every bag, and random places through my room, because i am always looking for one. love you! loved the baby shower pics too! it looks like you had a wonderful time!