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Monday, February 28, 2011

diapers and mail (and a few sneak peeks)

Years ago when we made the "big trek" from Portland to Charleston one of our neighbors gave us 50 12x12 priority mail boxes to help us pack. He ran a business from his home and had a surplus of these "free" boxes, and we gladly snatched them up. Over the years with our moves we have lost a few here and there, but for the most part they have stuck around. So every time we move it looks like I am running a post office in my house! Please do not ship our stuff, we need it! It does make me smile though, all those many many tiny little boxes stacked around the house. They sure are easier to carry than huge boxes filled with books!

We also learned early on to save, save, save those diaper boxes! So right now the corner of our living room looks like a certain aisle at baby's r us! Diapers as far as they eye can see. Slightly embarrassing when our friends come help us move, but again, we didn't have to pay for the boxes...well, at least nothing beyond the necessary expense of covering our kids bums! Hopefully we aren't the only ones that have packed things in crazy random boxes! Cardboard is cardboard, right? Right!

Oh, and I know so many people have been asking for pics to the house, well of course all the listings have been taken down (eeep!) but I did save a few, and I will take some of my own, and hopefully a walk through video, as soon as I can get back in there! We have to sit back and wait now for all the minor repairs to be taken care of. Until then here are a few from the realtor listings. They really don't do it justice, but it's so hard to photograph an empty house! And...I realized I copied mostly pictures of the kitchen, my favorite room in the house!

View from the street. It's on a nice quiet street, and right across from a historic graveyard, creepy and kinda cool!
 View into the kitchen from what will be craft area.
 Cut out over the sink looks right into the den, no more doing dishes all alone in the corner of the house!
 Sunroom at the back of the house, this will be the baby proofed play room. I can't wait to fill this up and let the kids go to town! The cut out in the wall on the right looks into what will be our eating area. So when I am cooking, I can see the kids playing. I love that. (Plus a little peek at the pool and Keith's basketball hoop!)
 Fireplace in the den with another cut out looking into the playroom. When they remodeled they cut out all the walls to really open it up. Now every room looks into this central den. I love an open floor plan, but so many older homes don't have that. I was so thrilled to find a house with all these "half walls" to keep us connected no matter where we are!
 And the eating area. Can't wait to fill those shelves with all my kitchen stuff. No more rummaging around under the stove or pulling out a chair to look above the fridge! Finally my vintage bake ware can be out and about!
I seriously have to pinch myself about a thousand times a day that this house is ours. It doesn't seem real, or possible. But Keith has worked so hard and it has finally paid off. I just never thought the day would actually come!


The Eldredges said...

Wow Shannon! I love it! That sunroom is AWESOME!! I can't wait to see it with all of your decor!

Mindi said...

Wow, it is so awesome. I love it so much. I am so happy for you guys, and jusat the slightest bit jealous. I can't wait to come down and visit and see it for real. have fun decorating.

Shannon said...

Ha! The decorating will be slow and steady, I have a feeling we will be bouncing around in there for awhile, but I do want to get the playroom all set up first. IKEA will be getting lots of business from us in the next year or so, that is for sure!

ErinMaeB said...

That is so AWESOME, Shannon! I can relate with the random boxes. We have packed in all sorts of boxes from diaper boxes to liquor boxes. By the way, the best place to get heavy duty boxes for free is the liquor stores.

Danielle said...

Very exciting!

Mrs. L said...

Awesome looking house! I love the front yard...something most new houses don't really have these days.
The most important question though...does it have a guest bedroom? :)