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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

random Brady

Yesterday Brady says to me, "Mom, we are having a baby soon, and moving into a new house, and I just turned 5 and Sissy's birthday is coming up! That's 4 miracles!" He is just too sweet. These kids are so darn excited for the baby. Brady is constantly saying he is much more excited for Wyatt than for the new house, and then quickly reassures me he is also excited to move.

Right now he is in his room making his bed and cleaning his toys so he can check off some boxes on a little chore chart they sent home with him from preschool. I think I need to jump on that excitement and make a chore chart for the new house. I mean he is So. Excited. to put a check in that little box! 5 can be such a great age, but it's also hard because he is truly transitioning from a toddler to a child.

I think Natalie forgets sometimes that Brady has his own imagination too, it will be good for Brady when the baby comes because I think we will all start to view him as a kid, not "the baby". We haven't had any teary moments lately where he cries to me that he doesn't want to grow up, and wants to be my baby forever. Those are heartbreaking, and I always reassure him that he will ALWAYS be my baby. If only we could keep them small and sweet forever.

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