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Thursday, March 10, 2011


5:30 am: get awoken by Natalie saying she is hungry and can we get up now.
5:31 am: tell her to go back to her room and DO NOT come out until at least 6. for. the. love.
6:00 am: go get Natalie and head to the kitchen to cook my food and start getting everyone up and ready for the day, lunch packed, hair done, clothes put on, check blogs and fb, etc.
6:45-7:15am: proceed to melt down with tears and general hysterics over the rude responses and mean looks being exchanged between kids and directed at me. Make the kids sad because I am sad. Meh. Maybe seeing Mom cry over their meaness will make it stop? One can only hope.
7:15 am: kneel down for family prayer, asking for patience and kindess and obedience and the like. Can't we all just get along?
7:20 am: out the door and off to take Nat to school.
8:00 am: arrive back, send Brady to his room to play, hop in the shower.
8:15-8:45: rush around frantically trying to get B dressed, myself dressed, my hair actually dried and styled(a sure cure for some morning blues) and out the door for preschool.
9:00 am: drop Brady off for preschool, head to Target for prescription pickup, a few things for the baby, a gift for a birthday girl, a 12 pack of Diet DP.
9:45 am: off to first Doc appt. of the day. *sigh*
10:15 am: pee in a cup, get to see the baby, listen to the nutritionist tell me how to read the labels, listen to the doc tell me that my blood pressure is a bit high (first time ever for that) and that I need to cut down on activity. ha. hahahaha. ha.
11:15 am: head to Home Depot to set up an appointment for a window guy to come and measure our windows for an estimate.
11:30 am: Talk to very nice man about our options for window coverings.
11:45 am: Cry a little inside at the guesstimate costs of putting shutters and/or blinds on all of our windows.
12:00-12: 30 pm: fill out paperwork, blah blah blah. (wonder if we really NEED window treatments, I mean, who cares if the neighbors can see our every waking and sleeping move...)
12:40 pm: Leave store with an arm full of temporary shades and a slightly lighter pocketbook.
1:00 pm: pick up Brady from preschool, rush home to get him some food, use the bathroom for the 20th time today, and sit down for a few seconds.

and here I am. Still to come?

2:15 pm: Second doc appt, this time with OB. The last of the in and out appointments. Next week? Pelvic exams begin. Yay.
3:00 pm: pick up Natalie from school.
3:30 pm: plop kids in front of the boob tube and curl up in my bed for some rest (see previous mention of cutting down my activity)
5:00 pm: prepare dinner...oh man. Dinner! What on Earth are we gonna eat for dinner....
6:30 pm: kids in bed. or. else. Seriously.
7:00 pm: turn on MY boob tube shows and hopefully start chipping away at packing the kitchen.
8:00 pm: glance up to welcome Keith home. Maybe a hug, if he's lucky.

We shall see how late I last.


Oh yeah, and I still need to unload/load the dishwasher and fold the whites sitting in the dryer. There's time for that, right?


Danielle said...

Oh--I so wish I was there to help you. I know how you feel with all of those things (minus the gestational diabetes).

Blinds for windows are crazy--we had to put all the blinds in our house. It does kind of make you sick, but you will be glad, at night, when your neighbors can't see you walking around in your pj's(or worse).

Good luck with your day.

Bournes said...

Crazy day. Hope it all turned out and you actually got your nap...you know since the doc ordered it :) Always love a guilt free nap! Oh, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE that I'm not the only one drinking caffeine during pregnancy.

Shannon said...

Ha! I don't think I could have survived without my Diet DP. I am starting to think the "no caffeine" thing is a big falacy. I asked my doc and they said it depends on the ammount, and since I don't drink coffee, soda is a much safer option. Plus my OB is awesome and said, if it keeps you sane and happy, and it isn't harming the baby. Drink it. I lvoe that guy.