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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

no joke

1. Apparently last night my allergies were so bad, it made me snore like a..how did he say it? A racoon on a motorcycle, I think was what Keith said. Anywho, bad enough that poor Keith went out and slept on the couch, not before he got his cell phone and got some video of the snoring. Ha! Seriously, I have never had allergies like this, I cough and drip all night long, and today when I was trying to have a conversation with a friend I was so congested I could barely talk. Ugg.

2. Natalie has decided that being kind and speaking nicely is overrated. I know it's just a taste of my own medicine, but she is making it really hard to stay patient. Holy crud she is soooo sassy. She likes to end the last word of her statements with an extra syllable (ie. o-k-ay, or I'm go-ing-ga, or I know-o). It's trying to say the least, and there are lots of eye rolls from me, but so far I have held my own and not yelled at her. But she does need to watch it. Why is it that kids treat the ones that love them the most, the worst?

3. I made a big sale this week in my shop, sold a $40 play mat! But the excitement quickly evaporated when the buyer all but disappeared off the face of the planet and hasn't paid or responded to any emails. So I am gonna have to cancel the sale. Boo.

4. Babies, babies, babies. EVERYWHERE. At least 7 Moms I know with newborns that I can think of off the top of my head, and more to come. So hard not to be jealous. So. Hard.

5. Cooking for weight watchers is MUCH easier than I thought. We just eat lots of yummy veggies, and basically I cut out fast food. It's not nearly as hard as I thought it was gonna be, and I lost 4.4 lbs my first week. I would LOVE to be able to keep that kinda loss up, haha! I will be happy as long as I lose anything each week. Here's to finally making a change!


Sarah Smiles said...

James swears I snore like a bear...but I dont believe him!! haha.
And I bet you will be one of those momma's on that list soon!! Very soon!!

Danielle said...

i am really proud of you!! way to go on the 4.4 lbs, you're doing great!