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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter fun!

Ok, first let me point out that I am actually posting about a holiday when it actually happened! Instead of waiting weeks or months to do it! We had quite a busy weekend, two easter egg hunts yesterday, and lots of church. This week was General Conference for us Mormons and it's a great week to really feel motivated again to be living the way we should be living! Hard not to feel inspired when you are listening to the Prophet and the Apostles talk all weekend.

Anywho. I snapped some pictures of the kids at our first hunt, but my setting button got switched so they are all grainy, which is super irritating, because otherwise I know they would have been so perfect! I was so glad we were invited to share in this family's hunt (thank you Grimmetts!), since we have no real family around. I am learning that we have many friends that I can consider family, and that makes holidays much sweeter.

Natalie with both front teeth! The top left one fell out later that night after MUCH wiggling and twisting and one last tug from Mama!
I hate you grain!

Poor kid got about 2 hops into the sack race and toppled over. That's ok! Maybe next time!
Best. Kids. Ever. (at least best kids I have ever had! ha!)

Brady chompin' on his black sprinkle covered easter cookie. This kid was in sugar HEAVEN!

Pretty and Sassy!

Here is a pic of their loot. I really wanted to get them more meaningful, useful stuff this year instead of a bunch of junk. So they got books (thrifted of course), something to color/draw with, goldfish, cookies, and one package of candy bugs each. Oh, and a slinky for B and some chapstick for Nat.
Later that night we went to another friends house for a hunt, and of course I forgot my camera. It was nice to go now that the kids are old enough to really play on their own. Brady had so much fun running around with some big boys, and I hardly saw him except when he needed something! Natalie sat with me outside and wiggled and jiggled her tooth to the point that it was barely hanging on! Sweet pea couldn't even talk right because that tooth was a dangling.

After we got Brady in bed she let me check it out and this was the result! Of course I couldn't get a non cheesy pic from her, but those aren't any fun anyways. Enjoy! And I hope you all had a Happy Easter too!

Oh, and this is my 700th post! WOOT! I am actually gonna do a giveaway, very soon, of course it will be stuff from my shop, so keep your eyes peeled!


Mrs. L said...

Love the photos of the kids doing the Easter Egg hunt. That second one of Natalie grainy or not is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for sharing your good times. Love. Dad