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Tuesday, May 3, 2011


*I started this post in the hospital, and yes, it has taken me a month to sit down and finish. Such is life with a new baby, no?*

The best laid plans, right? All throughout my pregnancy I have been telling everyone that I wanted to wait to go into labor instead of scheduling a C section. I knew I was gonna have a C, but I wanted to wait to do it until Wyatt was ready to come out. Little did I know...

So Monday night (the 21st) after a long day Keith and I settled into bed pretty early due to a pretty big lineup of repair men and doctors appointments and carting kids to this school and that for the following day. Basically I was dreading Tuesday like no other. I think lights were off before 10 for sure. I  woke up around 12:30 and had to use the bathroom, but didn't want to because that meant traipsing through the house to go potty, seeing as how our toilet was ripped out of the floor the day before for repairs! As I laid in bed trying to talk myself into getting up I felt myself go a little bit. My first thought? Sweet. Pregnant lady wets the bed. *sigh* But, I couldn't stop it. And it happened a little bit more. FINE body. I am getting up. Sheesh.

So I waddled myself into my bathroom to check out the damage and clean up and as soon as the clothes started to come down, the liquid did too. Whoa nellie. Wasn't expecting that. Took me all of a half a millisecond to realize something big was happening. My. Water. Just. Broke. and broke and broke and broke. Seriously so much waters! (Which makes sense seeing as how at every doctors appointment they told me baby had plenty of cushion!) And it took me about five minutes to calm down long enough to realize..."hey, instead of letting my water break all over the floor, maybe I should get IN the shower." Ha! Had a good chuckle at that one.

So, since I was completely unprepared for what had happened, and Keith and I were pretty much out of it (seeing as how I woke him by yelling, "Um Keith?? I am pretty sure my water just broke!!") , the first thing I thought to do was call my friend Danielle. She is seriously my maternity whisperer. So she told me what to do (call the doctor, duh) calmed me down, and assured me she would take the kids. Ok, we can do this. Basically the next 30 minutes were spent cleaning up, packing the rest of my hospital bag (or at least what we could find and think of!) and waking the kids. It was crazy. And all during this I was still gushing. Eventually, through all the madness, we got everything packed, and together and in the car and on the way. Only thing we forgot was my pillow and clothes to wear after the birth, I even remembered my blankie!

Oh, and I should pause to mention that the kids were such troopers! We had to wake them up, and pack them in the car in the middle of the night. Brady was so sweet, once he realized what was happening he said, "Wyatt is coming tonight!!" They were very cooperative, especially since we seriously hadn't talked about what we were going to do when the baby came AT. ALL. They had no prep! In all of our minds Wy wasn't coming for another month!

After we dropped the kids off at Danielle's (serious. life. saver.), we headed over to the hospital, they took us straight up to triage and there I got all settled while they got in touch with the on call doc (who told me, "oh, I remember your call! I was hoping you would just come in, because your message cut off" Not surprising since I was probably freaking out while leaving the message!) . Oh, and all through this I was still draining! (SUCH a weird feeling. Like someone turned a faucet on inside of me)

So much happened the next three hours. I finally finished draining, which brought on contractions (not so much fun, those) which prompted the doc to go ahead and do my C then (instead of waiting for a more reasonable hour of the day). I was surprisingly calm the whole time, probably somewhat of a chatterbox because I was in such shock! The worst pain was the IV (3 tries this time), and then they wheeled me into the operating room, sat me up for my spinal (way less freaky this time) and soon it was time to take him out! I honestly love the pressure that you feel when they are moving the baby out, because you are so numb you can't feel anything else! I asked Keith if he was watching and he said he started too, but since it was 3 in the morning and he had no food in his belly, he thought it best to look away as they cut his wife's stomach open (sounds like a good plan).

At 3:37 am on Tuesday, March 22nd our little baby, Wyatt Ernest Bowers was born! He was 5 lbs. 4.6 oz, 18 inches long. And seriously amazing! What an unexpected, amazing adventure that night turned out to be!

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