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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Blood and Gore

Brady has a habit of coming in to our room in the middle of the night complaining of growing pains. It ranges anywhere from his ankle hurting to his legs to his head or neck. Friday night the kids were a little wild and feeding off of each other so we let Brady start in the spare bed. It's a little taller and a little bigger than his normal bed (can you see where this is headed?).

Sometime in the middle of the night Brady came crying into our room cry-saying, "my head is hot". I put my hand to his forehead and pulled my hand away wet. I was like, this kid is burning up! So out we go to get him out of his hot jammies, maybe get him a drink, and as soon as we get into the dim light of the kitchen I can see that what I thought was sweat was BLOOD. ALL over Brady's face. ALL. OVER.

My initial reaction was bloody nose. He gets them often enough that I figured that's what it was, so I take my gore covered child to the bathroom and we start cleaning it up, all the while keeping his head tipped back to stop the flow. While I am trying to clean the blood that has clotted on his eyelashes and shmeared on his forehead I realized, CRAP. Not a nosebleed. He had a quarter inch gash on his forehead. The kid had fallen off the bed and smacked his forehead on the night stand! Yikes! Apparently he was saying that he hit his head hard, NOT that his head was hot. (I blame sleep deprivation!)

Now I begin flipping out, because there is a visible bump and this gash is wide. I whisper called Keith to come help and together we began cleaning up Brady. Thankfully we had some butterfly bandages because I certainly didn't want to take him in for a stitch or two (which if it would have been Natalie, we would have! Can't have a giant scar on a girl face!). It was actually so bloody and gory that I had to go sit down because I was feeling faint!

Anywho, Brady took it like a champ and never cried after he got me up. Afterwards we found a super heartbreaking blood trail across the house. What a brave boy! How scary to fall out of bed, hit yourself and then feel blood oozing on your face. It breaks my heart to think about it! He is gonna come out of this with a pretty gruesome forehead scar, but hey, chicks dig scars, right? I sure hope so!

All bandaged up. He got lots of attention at church today with this sucker on his head!
 And just because, a current pic of our little Wyatt. He is getting quite chubby, and I absolutely adore it!

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Mrs. L said...

Oh, poor Brady! What a brave little boy! But he has a very cool Spiderman band-aid. Tell him I'm jealous, I never get cool band-aides like that!