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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The big 5! Oh...

So, three months ago Brady turned five. It was a fun day! I don't want to forget, and I am sure family would like to see what we did!

We started off with our traditional donut breakfast at Shipley's. Yummy!

And messy! As Brady is showing here in his Mama made birthday shirt!
The rest of the day included school, where we took muffins for birthday treat. A picnic at the park with his closest friends. And then moving over to a house so that we could eat cupcakes without getting blown away! It was windy windy that day!

That evening after Natalie got home we finally had birthday dinner and then to the best part...presents! Want a cheap and entertaining gift for a five year old?
Musical greeting cards! Especially one that sings "shake your groove thang". I still hear them dancing in the bedroom to the card every now and then. Both kids love these things!
Work it Brady!
This kid was convinced, CONVINCED, all leading up to his birthday that I was gonna get him the "episode five lego set". Of course, we did. He was over the moon thrilled. He loves Star Wars and he loves Legos. Combine the two? Childhood bliss!
Poor kid only got 4 candles on his cake, but we drew a 5! He didn't care, he got cake and he got to stay up late! It was a good birthday, if low key, and I think he felt how much we love and adore him. He has truly transitioned into 5 with flying colors. No longer is he my soft and squishy 4 year old that will snuggle on my bed with me and watch PBS kids. He plays so wonderfully on his own, creating imaginative scenarios and wonderful stories. He loves art, and is proving to be a very good artist! He is so sensitive and loving, yet isn't afraid to get his cranky on. We love our Brady boy and he will always be my sweet baby!


Danielle said...

i think i might be able to find a couple of pictures from the park that day. let me see if i can find them this week. don't let me forget!

cute pictures of brady! he looks so so very happy.

Mrs. L said...

Love that he loves Star Wars :)