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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Craft fair booth

My first craft fair was a blast. Not a lot of people showed up, I think we had something like 22 stop by my booth, but it was a great experience! It was so nice to have Erin there, I doubt I could have done it without her. I shmoozed the customers and she worked the transactions. She was also crucial in helping me get the look I had in my head to come out in real life. I love the way my booth turned out, and will pretty much be setting up like this every time. It has a cozy feeling with a bit of vintage thrown in. And little sprinkles of birdies here and there.

I was SO glad that so many friends stopped by to see me. It was such a pleasure to look and see a friendly face. I hope the next one gets a bigger turn out, but I will always be grateful for my first fair!

Here are some pics from the booth...

We shopped the house to find little bits of furniture we could use. It was surprisingly easy, as my style taste is finally evident in my home!
Loved the way the onesies looked all hung up, and my favorite thing made especially for the fair was the yellow fruit basket we used for the coffee cozies and coasters.
Bibs and burpie sets were my best sellers! Gonna have to make some more, because I almost sold out!
Erin finally completed a project I had wanted to do, but never found the time. She mod podged some super cute green hounds tooth fabric to my thrift store wooden tray. It became a perfect place to display her little button hair clips.
I am so sick of looking at these dang bow holders, we were practically giving them away! Erin hung them up all pretty like and made them look fab! (can you tell she was a life saver??)
I knew from the beginning that I wanted to lug my yellow dresser to the fair, and I am so glad I did. It really brought the booth together.
As a side note, sorry for the sparseness in posts. Life has been a bit of a whirlwind since before school got out. Lots of stuff happening, not a lot of pictures being taken. One of my summer goals is to dust off the camera and document our adventures once more!


Designer outdoor furniture said...

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Amy J said...

Hi Shannon! Wow your booth looked great! Craft shows are hard I think! So much work... hope you did well! YOu have adorable stuff :)

Anonymous said...

It looked great, Shannon. I hope you did well. Sounds like you had fun. Love. Dad