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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I ♥ December...

...because it is so jam packed with festivities. Tons of birthdays, anniversaries and of course the main event, Christmas! Which means lots of family celebrations and get togethers.

...because now I get to see how fun Christmastime can be for kids from the other side of it. I love watching my kids get so excited about every little thing.

...because it's C-O-L-D, and I love to be cold! We may even get to have a (gas) fire in our fireplace soon! And it's even sleet/snowing today!

...because all that cold gives me an excuse to stay in, be warm, drink WAY too much hot cocoa and be lazy!

...because when I get tired of being lazy I can always find a million and one things to occupy my time to get ready for Christmas.

...because my house is more decorated and cozy than any other time of year. If I could I would have a pine tree in my living room year round!

...because it's easier to remember what the purpose of life is. There are opportunities to serve and make other people happy every where you look.

..because I always just feel happier in December, and this year is no exception. I am trying so hard not to let anything get me down, and it's a very nice feeling!


Anonymous said...

What's the schedule around your house from January 7 to 10? Love. Dad

Danielle said...

You do have a busy December with a birthday, Christmas and anniversary. This is such a special season, and sharing it with children is really a wonderful thing.

Mrs. L said...

We have snow on the hills around here! Makes for great fires in the fireplace along with lots of hot cocoa (just wish I had the lazy thing instead of work thing).

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