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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Growing up!

My Natalie is growing up so fast! The other night she came to us and said "Oh! My tooth is loose!" and sure enough it was AND the new tooth was starting to come in. Today at lunch her tooth popped out! Of course we can owe it to the constant wiggling Nat has been doing. She was working that thing good!

The other day she asked me to braid her hair so that it could be curly so that she could be Hannah Montana at school. I obliged and the results were so cute and puffy. Her hair look crazy at first but as it tamed it was adorable! I love my growing girl. She seriously brings so much joy and light into our family!


Mindi said...

She is too adorable. What a big milestone to lose your first tooth. What is she going to get from the tooth fairy?

Shannon said...

She will get whatever coins we have on hand! I wasn't prepared with dollar bills! Ooops!

Danielle said...

Her hair is so cute!!!

Lori said...

You could always get dollar coins at the bank for future teeth. Kinda different.