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Thursday, March 11, 2010

about creative writing

My absolute FAVORITE thing that Natalie does at school is creative writing. They get a sheet of paper with area for a picture and a place for words underneath. They are encouraged to spell the words as good as they can, just by sounding it out. Her stories are priceless and they are the only thing I keep every single one. Here are a few of the best ones.

"Yesterday it wus my birthday. I got a hlooecitee reel sowege msheg. It was grat. I love it!" Yesterday it was my birthday. I got a hello kitty sewing machine. It was great. I love it! 3/10/10

"My teacher Ms. R came to my house. We playd Hnana Mtann. We had fun." My teacher Ms. R. came to my house. We played Hannah Montana. We had fun. 1/20/10

"I love skool. My fafrite thage is haveing fnte. My fafrit pothet is math. I have soe muth fun at skool!" I love school. My favorite thing is having friends. My favorite project is math. I have so much fun at school! 3/10/10

"Dear Ruru, I hope you have a safe mevee. I will woch you on the TV. Evreebudee like me. Duss evreebudee like you? Love, Natalie." Dear Aurora, I hope you have a safe movie. I will watch you on the TV. Everybody likes me, does everybody like you? Love, Natalie.

"Win my dad get home I giv him a hug. I love my dad and my mom! Thae are the bist peirit uv all!" When my Dad gets home I give him a hug. I love my Dad and Mom! They are the bes parents of all! 3/11/10

"I wint to the prke. I sae a applechree. I pik one off the chree. It was sweet. I mad a apple pie." I went to the park. I saw an appletree. I picked one off the tree. It was sweet. I made an apple pie. 2/10/10


Sarah Smiles said...

That is absolutely adorable!! And she can write so many words halfway thru Kindergarten, what a smart girl!

Julie said...

Love it! Since I have boys their creative writing talks a lot Star Wars and making things explode.

Mrs. L said...

Totally cute and I can see why you keep all of them!

Anonymous said...

Very nice. You will love these even more when she is older. You definitely should keep the real ones. Love. Dad

AshleyAnn said...

Those are so great. It made me think of this project I saw on another blog:


I think making one of these with one of her writings would be SO CUTE!

Shannon said...

Ack! Ashley thank you so much for stopping by my blog, you are like my crafting Idol! Haha! And thanks for the great tip, I saw those subway art posters, but never knew what to put on there. What a great way to immortalize her precious little story!