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Thursday, January 20, 2011

I did it!

It's been a banner night. I have to record it for posterity's sake.

I made dinner. REAL dinner (enchiladas, rice, and corn).

Cleaned the kitchen. All the way clean.

Bathed the kids. BOTH kids. They smell like vanilla cupcakes now. Yum.

Helped finish homework.

Presided over family scripture reading and prayer.

Got the kids into bed, BY BEDTIME. Which is 6:30. Woot.

and the best part? NO. SCREAMING. Not a single bit. From Mama or children.

I have done all these things before, but all together, on the same night, without Keith, AND with serious belly button pain (how weird is that??!). Truly epic. I am so. very. proud. of myself!


Danielle said...

Way to go SuperMom. I love when I have those nights, every so often. It makes for a happy mom.

Paul & Marlee said...

Oh man, you rock! I don't even do half that crap.. er.. stuff with one kid! Kudos!

Rachel said...

way to go! i know how hard that is so what an accomplishment!