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Wednesday, May 19, 2010


1. Brady told me the other day, "Mom, talking is my favorite activity." I sooo believe it buddy! The kid never. ever. stops. I tune him out half them time and then when he needs me and I say "what??" he goes, "never mind...*sigh*" Poor guy gets no respect.

2. Last summer and the summer before that Natalie had some super cute "heels" from Target, little espadrilles with closed toe and strappy back...anywho, she loved them. And they have both gotten too small and she has been begging for another pair of "heels". Then her best school friend Avery came to school in these DARLING little wedge sneakers...beloved "heels" if you would. And Nat was smitten. Honestly so was I, and after much debate and even taking the question to facebook, I caved and ordered Nat her own pair. Different fabric than Avery's, but same style, and sooo cute.

3. I have been sewing. every. day. It's become a sickness, I need to stop, but I can't seem to make myself stop. I have this need to make things for the shop. I want it to be nice and full on the off chance that someone stops by to browse they have lots to look at! I guess this will be good to have lots of inventory for craft fairs too.

4. Speaking of craft fairs, bits or bobbins will be at a craft fair June 5th at the Family Crossroads Church in Fort Worth. I will let you know more details as I know them, but it's from 9-3 and I would LOOOOVE to see you there! Um...anyone I don't know, that reads this and comes to the fair? Mention my blog and get like a billion percent off....or 15%, whatever. ;)

5. I got Brady some new striped Old Navy pajamas, and I can't get enough of his little legs in them. It was bad before, all the squeezing and hugging, now it's just ridonkulous. The poor kid is gonna have a complex. I need another baby to give some of my love and squeezes too.

6. Brady's spring program is Thursday. I will be the only one there to cheer him on. Poor kid. It actually makes me really sad, but I am gonna tape it and we will watch it as a family tomorrow night.

7. Natalie's Kindergarten graduation and spring recital is next week. Um...I REMEMBER MY KINDERGARTEN GRADUATION!!! How do I have a kid that is graduating from Kinder? It doesn't seem right, still feel like I am playing house some days. And then I realize that I am kinda playing house, but it's for keepsies!

8. Keith is for sure going back to school in the fall. Cool. And scary. And probably a bit crazy. But it will only take 3 semesters and he will have a few more letters behind his name (fancy pants!) and hopefully a new degree that will open up some doors for a good, permanent job.

9. Erin is coming to visit us for a week, in 2 weeks! Super! Excited! She will be here during the craft show, and at the end of the school year. We are gonna have so much fun. I love family!

10. Weight Watchers is going really good! Really really good! I have lost about 14 lbs (had a bad week last week and didn't lose), and I am really excited about this new eating lifestyle. I have to remind myself I can do it, but it's worth it!

So, basically life is good...hopefully I didn't just jinx it. But knowing me, I totally did.


Danielle said...

WOW--you guys are a busy bunch.

Julie {Coco1981} said...

Do you have any other shows scheduled (aside from the Cowtown Indie Bazaar)?

Shannon said...

Not yet...I want to do this June one, see how it goes, and then decide if I really want to get into the craft fair scene. I just want to see if I am up for it first!