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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

about some cuteness

*possibly the cutest Nat has ever looked for school, but of course she wouldn't pose for me. I love her hair in those buns, and she has a white button up under her navy cardigan*
*Brady slid this giant stack of books all the way down the hall on his belly. Cracked me up at the time, he does such goofy stuff sometimes.*

*Last week Natalie decided to use her imagination (for once! Yay!) and started playing Salon in the bathroom. She named her shop Rainbow Hair Cut. You can see her old singing toothbrush standing up near the flowers, she would turn that on for music. So clever! And the prices are great there, kisses and hugs for an original style!*

*It took her all afternoon to organize her drawer. We were both so proud!*

*Open for business!*


Mindi said...

Super Cute, those knee socks are adorable. And I love when kids use their imagination and come up with their own activities and games, they can be so creative when they want to be.

Danielle said...

Tell Nat I am in need of a new hairstyle. If I could I would fly her up for a consult.

Mrs. L said...

Totally cute and a great imagination to put it all together! I too, would love a make-over from Nat!